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The Future of Statewide College Promise Programs

6 March 2018

A new report by The Century Foundation analyzes the design and implementation of states’ College Promise programs. In the past few years, dozens of states, localities, and schools have proposed or enacted “free college” policies, also known as College Promise programs.

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President-Elect Trump Has Some Ideas on Your Student Loans

16 November 2016

Let’s face it—a lot of what he’s mentioned doesn’t sound great for current and future student loan borrowers.

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The Cost of Catching Up

28 September 2016

The report and new initiative outline how remedial education contributes to the student debt crisis. We focus on the financial and educational costs of remedial education for… Read more

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SURVEY: Been Scammed by a Student Debt Scheme?

11 July 2016

Why are companies charging thousands of dollars for student loan help you can get for free? Encourage the Department of Education to continue cracking down on fake “student debt relief companies.” Share your experience to convince political leaders to crack down on student debt scams.

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Tell Congress: Don’t Raid Funding for College Students

2 June 2016

Tell Congress that Pell Grants are the most important federal investment in higher education, and urge them not to redirect Pell money to other programs.

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