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Why We’re Protesting Navient This Tax Day

16 April 2018

Adding insult to injury for borrowers, Navient stands to rake in $204 million in corporate tax savings from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act according to one estimate. The company is expected to pass on virtually all of their tax windfall to shareholders.

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Vote Higher: How to Talk About the Student Debt Crisis

5 October 2016

We want elected officials to address the rising costs of college, throw a lifeline to borrowers struggling with debt, and address an economy that continues to leave many young Americans behind. Still, one in three Millennials don’t feel as though candidates are talking enough about the issues that matter to them. To fill that gap, we’re giving you the facts, foundation, and framing on student debt—let’s get to work.

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Average Student Debt at Graduation Increased 56% Over the Last Decade

12 November 2015

The Institute for College Access & Success have recently released a report on student debt over the course of the last decade.

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